So you need a website?

Websites come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you know exactly want you want or if you don't know the first thing about websites I am happy to help guide through this process. I've outlined below some of the basics when it comes to your web design options. If you have any specific questions, go ahead a schedule a call.

What the difference?

FeaturesStatic WebsitesCMS WebsitesE-commerce WebsitesWeb Apps
Content UpdatesInfrequentFrequentProduct CatalogReal-time
ComplexitySimpleModerateMedium to HighHigh
User InteractionBasicUser CommentsShopping CartAdvanced Forms
PersonalizationLimitedUser ProfilesUser AccountsPersonalized UX
Payment OptionsNot applicableNot applicableMultiple OptionsIntegrated
Development TimeQuickModerateModerateTime-Intensive

Static Websites

Static websites are simple and fixed websites that display the same content to every user. They are built using HTML and CSS, and their content rarely changes. Static sites are suitable for businesses or individuals who need an online presence but don't require frequent updates.

E-commerce Websites

E-commerce websites are online platforms that enable buying and selling of products or services. They typically include features such as shopping carts, secure payment gateways, product catalogs, and order processing systems. E-commerce sites are ideal for businesses seeking to establish an online store and facilitate online transactions.

CMS (Content Management System) Websites

CMS websites allow users to manage and update website content without requiring technical knowledge. They provide a user-friendly interface for content creation, editing, and publishing. CMS platforms are ideal for businesses or individuals who need to regularly update their website content.

Web Applications (Web Apps)

Web applications are dynamic and interactive websites that function like software applications. They can perform complex tasks and processes, often requiring user input and offering personalized experiences. Web apps are ideal for building complex web-based tools, dashboards, and online services.