I help entrepreneurs navigate the world of software development

I have had the joy of working across the gamut, from supporting local businesses and creating novel solutions with startups, to building scalable projects for a Fortune 500 company.


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I am a Montana based software developer and entrepreneur. Through my career I have founded multiple companies, and have worked closely with many other founders providing guidance as they grow. Interested in some of the work I have done? Head over to my portfolio.

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Simplify and Align Goals

Often products becomes more complex than needed due to the fast pace of startups. Simplifying and redesigning the user experience can make the product more effective.

Guide and Provide Council

Having lead companies and design teams, I can help coach and lead your design team to establish clear design principles and processes to unlock their full potential.

From MVP to Production

Imagining a new product from the ground up can be a daunting task, yet so much fun. Let me help bring your ideas to life and design a first version of your product together.


I currently serve two roles as a Founder, and as a SWE Consultant.

2024 to Present in Helena, MT


Details imminent...

2020 to to 2023 in Salt Lake City, UT



Delven exists to transform the way research is conducted, we envision a future where researchers and participants seamlessly connect, collaborate, and contribute to scientific advancements. By harnessing the power of technology and data, we aim to create a trusted ecosystem that facilitates research innovation, accelerates discovery, and maximizes the potential of every study

2018 to Present in Helena, MT

Founder & Consultant

Gold Block Development

Gold Block Development is a software development firm that creates tailored websites and apps. We specialize in producing effective and scalable prototypes for startups, oftentimes managing the entire workflow from ideation, to design and production.

2016 to 2017 in Helena, MT

Freelance Developer

It all started as a freelance developer. I had the pleasure of working on some truly unique projects, with some amazing clients.

collaborative effort

The entire design and development process is built around collaboration with the client.

You are the subject matter expert around your business, and the one who understands the needs of your customers. My job is to translate your vision into an actionable product.

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Comprehensive development services tailored for every stage of your journey.

Different teams need different things depending on where they are in the journey. I have collaborated directly with a wide range of clients all in different stages of business.

Startup Phase

For individuals and teams starting a new venture and facing challenges in bringing your software ideas to life.

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MVP Development

Technical Guidance

Market Research

Product Validation

Agile Methodologies

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Growth Phase

For established companies looking to expand their offerings and grow their market.

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Scalability Optimization

API Integrations

Feature Enhancements

Performance Optimization

Team Augmentation

Quality Assurance and Testing

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Maturity Phase

For seasoned businesses looking to elevate their offerings and maximize their market impact.

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Market Expansion Consulting

Legacy System Modernization

Custom Software Solutions

Detailed Analytics

Cybersecurity Consulting

Dedicated Support

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I've worked with over 40 amazing clients helping to grow their businesses

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